Smoothie Diet!

Okay so I want to try and get skinny again. I went to Macy's for my birthday to buy some clothes and dreaded what I saw looking back at me. I wanted to feel weightless and not agonize over my muffin top. I decided to try something easy. I'm going to do a smoothie diet. … Continue reading Smoothie Diet!

The Morning Meal

Is breakfast really necessary? I wake up in the morning to prepare myself a meal that I will eat later on in the day. I wake up at 6AM most of the time and don't feel hungry. This morning I played soccer and still didn't feel hungry, but I ate because I know I didn't … Continue reading The Morning Meal

Packing in on the Snacking

Do you find yourself eating a lot of snacks? Mini fudge cookies and a handful of almonds? I know you think to yourself "Hey it's just a handful of _______." How far do you really go when it comes to snacking? I am super guilty of snacking on food like cookies, pretzels, and nuts. Of … Continue reading Packing in on the Snacking

How hard is it to stay on track?

I'm not going to lie. It has been very difficult to stay on track. Maintaining a healthy balance of food and exercise has proven to be a challenge for me. I remember as a kid eating whatever I wanted without any regard for consequences that could occur to my body. Now every time I eat … Continue reading How hard is it to stay on track?

Carbs: Friend or Foe?

I would say both. Not really helpful to ask then is it? However I think that a healthy blend of good carbs and bad carbs will help you develop a better sense of what our body needs to eat to feel well. One step I took to ensure that I wasn't eating more than what … Continue reading Carbs: Friend or Foe?

I lost 5 pounds in one month

Yeah! You read that right. I lost 5 pounds in a month. A very healthy weight loss because on average a healthy weight loss is about 1 pound per week. So I lost a little over a pound a week. I was shocked to be quite honest. I cheated on several occasions indulging on sweets … Continue reading I lost 5 pounds in one month

My Struggle

Its hard to stay on track. Especially when being in an environment that will definitely ensure my downfall. This past week I have been trying my best to eat about 1,500 calories a day. I haven't exercised in a week and my next weigh in is on July 16th. Just a couple days away. I … Continue reading My Struggle


Have you ever looked at a random person on the street and thought "Damn do I look that fat?" I feel like I've done that a lot especially when I feel very negative about my body image. I think to myself about all the opportunities I had to say no to cookies and chips. How … Continue reading Comparison