Justice League

Okay so I went ahead and saw the movie Justice League over the weekend and OMG it was great. I know DC has had a hard time with movies on the big screen like with suicide squad, but Justice League took that feeling of low balling standards to a different level. When I mean a … Continue reading Justice League

Pokemon: I Choose You

I went to the theater today and saw the movie Pokemon: I choose you. It was a very heartfelt movie that touched my strings. I'm not an avid Pokemon enthusiast, but if it's entertaining I'll watch it. The whole movie centers around a parallel universe that kind of involves aspects to the first season, Indigo … Continue reading Pokemon: I Choose You

Something The Lord Made

If you're looking for a great inspirational movie that has love and oppression then look no further. The movie 'Something The Lord Made' was released on HBO and is definitely a must watch. The movie takes place in the United States during the 1930's, a time where racism and discrimination against people of African decent … Continue reading Something The Lord Made


Remember those weird posts all over social media about a clown popping up in sewers? Yes that was a clown named Pennywise. If you're like me and you never saw the mini TV series about this clown then you should know that it doesn't matter to watch this movie! News flash! It's pretty great. The … Continue reading IT