Justice League

Okay so I went ahead and saw the movie Justice League over the weekend and OMG it was great. I know DC has had a hard time with movies on the big screen like with suicide squad, but Justice League took that feeling of low balling standards to a different level. When I mean a … Continue reading Justice League

Pokemon: I Choose You

I went to the theater today and saw the movie Pokemon: I choose you. It was a very heartfelt movie that touched my strings. I'm not an avid Pokemon enthusiast, but if it's entertaining I'll watch it. The whole movie centers around a parallel universe that kind of involves aspects to the first season, Indigo … Continue reading Pokemon: I Choose You

Smoothie Diet!

Okay so I want to try and get skinny again. I went to Macy's for my birthday to buy some clothes and dreaded what I saw looking back at me. I wanted to feel weightless and not agonize over my muffin top. I decided to try something easy. I'm going to do a smoothie diet. … Continue reading Smoothie Diet!