Justice League

Okay so I went ahead and saw the movie Justice League over the weekend and OMG it was great. I know DC has had a hard time with movies on the big screen like with suicide squad, but Justice League took that feeling of low balling standards to a different level. When I mean a different level I mean they really raised the bar. The movie itself was well written and the action was really cool. The humor was on point and the on screen dynamics between the whole cast was really awspiring. I really liked the fact that Wonder Woman shared the lead of this film with Batman. She was looked at as a leader in their group.


What reallllllllly made me go crazy, and this is a *****SPOILER ALERT***** so stop reading here, is that Superman comes back from the dead. The events that followed were nerve racking as the League fought against Superman in an attempt to kickstart his memory, but failed until Lois Lane showed up.


Anyway this movie is a sure fire win for the DC world.

If I had to score it I would score a

9/10 tacos!!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 2.42.08 PM.png


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