Pokemon: I Choose You

I went to the theater today and saw the movie Pokemon: I choose you. It was a very heartfelt movie that touched my strings. I’m not an avid Pokemon enthusiast, but if it’s entertaining I’ll watch it. The whole movie centers around a parallel universe that kind of involves aspects to the first season, Indigo League.


In the first season Ash, the main character, gets his Pokemon Pikachu and sets off to become a Pokemon master. Along the way he meets Misty and Brock. Two friends that will be with him until they attain other goals that no longer involve following Ash around.


Anyway in Pokemon: I Choose You everything that takes place in Indigo League happens in the movie, but at a quicker pace. At least all the important events. Ash meeting new friends (which actually in the movie aren’t Misty and Brock, but like this one girls with a Piplup Pokemon and a snappy kid with gray hair who happens to be blessed with a Lucario), finding Charmander at the end of his life waiting for the trainer that abandoned him, Butterfree flying away to have sex, his charmander evolving into a Charmeleon (which in the movie it actually doesn’t rebel and listens to Ash!), etc, etc, etc.


Honestly this was a great movie. It’s basically like a re-tell of the day ash turned 10 and got the chance to “choose” (but not really because he woke up late to get to Professor Oak) his Pokemon, Pikachu. If you’re a Pokemon enthusiast this would definitely be something to look forward too. If you’re just getting into Pokemon this movie can help you dive into the whole series because in a way it acts as a dramatic introduction to the whole series.


Also Ash is blessed with a magic rainbow feather that he has to take to a mountain to he can battle a legendary Pokemon. He gets such an ego boost from it that you just want to slap him and tell him to stay #HUMBLE.

If I had to rate it this movie gets 8/10 Tacos!

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.35.40 PM.png


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