The Morning Meal

Is breakfast really necessary? I wake up in the morning to prepare myself a meal that I will eat later on in the day. I wake up at 6AM most of the time and don’t feel hungry. This morning I played soccer and still didn’t feel hungry, but I ate because I know I didn’t eat before I played. If anything I think BRUNCH is the best time to eat!


You can eat something from the breakfast or lunch menu! I think that prolonging our breakfast also helps us consume less. If we ate at 6AM we would want to eat like at 10 and again at 12-1 for lunch. We would essentially be over eating. (That’s if you wake up at 6). Honestly some of us don’t even go to bed until 12. Instead of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner during their appropriate times we should eat only when were hungry.


That way we can give our bodies time to let us know when it needs food. The trick is also to not eat too much when were hungry. We can make really bad decisions. I know I have made really bad decisions whenever the opportunity presented itself. It’s not something you really give thought to, but you have to force yourself to think about how much you eat.


In my opinion we should just stick to eating Brunch and forget about breakfast. I eat like at 10am, 2pm, and again like at 6pm. Sometimes I just try to eat whenever my body tells me its hungry. Could this help for weight loss? I’m not sure, but I’m not afraid to try!


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