Something The Lord Made

If you’re looking for a great inspirational movie that has love and oppression then look no further. The movie ‘Something The Lord Made’ was released on HBO and is definitely a must watch. The movie takes place in the United States during the 1930’s, a time where racism and discrimination against people of African decent was rampant and diminished opportunity.


The film follows Vivien Thomas, played by rapper Mos Def, a struggling janitor in a hospital who has observed the doctor Alfred Blalock and his anguish in trying to solve a phenomena at the time known as Blue Baby Syndrome, an heart defect in which de-oxygenated blood flows freely throughout the body without receiving proper oxygenation from the lungs. Vivien proves his knowledge in the lab even though he is a Black janitor (yes it’s important to note his race because during this time segregation was a very real and cruel law) and quickly becomes a valuable asset in the eyes of doctor Blalcok.


However as they continue to work on the Blue Baby Syndrome the consequences of interracial cooperation between a White doctor and a genius Black janitor make it difficult to continue their research.. The lack of credentials to work on such a illness and the fact that he is Black, gives Vivian a harder time when he confronts Blalcok of being paid as a janitor while doing essential work for his research.


Throughout this film friendships and faith are tested as the struggle for recognition and equality heavily weighs in on the life of Vivien Thomas. This is a great movie to watch at home. This is a true story about a brave Black man who did what ever he could to help save lives at the cost of his own.

If I had to rate it this movie gets 8.5/10 Tacos!

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.21.03 PM.png


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