A Short Story About Ends

There is a Father, a Mother, a Daughter, and a Son. All their lives were affected by the union of two people who decided they liked each other enough to marry. The problems began when the Daughter was young, at around the age of 4. The Father no longer wished to abide to a marriage that contracted him to one person for the rest of his life. Instead he decided he wanted to enjoy the fruits of bachelor freedom that he didn’t enjoy as an actual bachelor. Can you blame him? At this point however he is so emotionally and physically important to the two lives he wished to leave behind and stays for that reason. He is a Father, first and foremost, then he is a Husband. His duty at that point was to his Daughter and unknowingly to that of his unborn child.


As time drew near for the cherry to pop the cries of life beat out a hospital room like a drum drawing for war. You can hear and feel the excitement in the air. The Father happy that he now has someone he can teach to become a ‘man’. How beautiful, right? He stays in the family for the sake of his children, but by doing so surrounds himself with the person he despises the most at this point, his wife. The Mother after bearing two children no longer feels like she needs to dress to impress. She wants to feel comfortable and embrace the sweetness of motherhood. She stays at home and cares for the children while he works all day to bring home enough bread to live comfortably. Over time, however, this system begins to fail.


The Father feeling lonely and unattracted to his wife decides he wants to pursue a relationship with someone else, another mother with a better body than the one at home. His wife eventually finds out and confronts him about his infidelity. In rage he begins to scream and physically beats her. This picture perpetuates itself for the next 15 years, over and over again.


Finally the children are older and have seen the roots of what society has called an ‘improper marriage’. These roots bore a seed in the children that has scarred them until the day they die. The seed that screams and harms, but unintentionally does so. For how can someone learn to harm and scream if they are not taught? They have lived through it and coped by hiding under the dinner table and finding refuge in the social circles they have at school. How can these children not be a product of their own environment if that is all they have seen for the majority of their lives.


I will never know what it was like to be in my Fathers shoes.

I will never know what it was like to be in my Mothers shoes.

I will never know what it was like to be in my Brothers shoes.

All I know is that I love them all, how could I not? They are all products of the environment they grew up in. They just don’t know that they are.


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