I Don’t Feel Guilty

You know it gets to a point where you kind of just don’t care anymore. Everything you see you want to eat and everything you eat you don’t want to see it anymore. You don’t want to see it anymore because you feel bad that you ate it. At first I felt super bad that I was eating food that my body didn’t need. But then when I stopped caring my body and my brain started to try and take care of what it ate without thinking of a diet. It’s as if I was monitoring what I was eating without really wanting to. I feel like my body isn’t craving much meat anymore and because of that I start to look for alternatives with and salads and lettuce wrap veggie burgers. It’s really weird but it’s making sense to me. Maybe we don’t need to diet and we just let our bodies decide for us? I don’t know at least that’s how it’s working for me.

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