Packing in on the Snacking

Do you find yourself eating a lot of snacks? Mini fudge cookies and a handful of almonds? I know you think to yourself “Hey it’s just a handful of _______.” How far do you really go when it comes to snacking? I am super guilty of snacking on food like cookies, pretzels, and nuts. Of course I don’t have them available to me on a constant basis but when they are present it matters.

Over snacking can lead to the over consumption of calories. If you want to lose weight you have to control the amount of calories going in to your body and the amount you burn out through working out. I found myself snacking on mini fudge strip cookies today and a handful of almonds. What I did was I stuck to the serving size of the cookies which was about 14 mini cookies. I actually ate 17 because I was hungry after 3 hours. A basic serving size of these cookies was 150 calories per 14 cookies. Not a lot right? Well it means a lot.

I’m sticking to a diet that allows me a minimum of 1,500 calories and a maximum of 2,000. I always aim for 1,500 though. If I aim for 1,500 thats about 500 calories a meal. 150 calories cuts a deep wedge into one of my meals. I also ate some almonds. Because nuts are high in fat over eating almonds can lead to unnecessary consumption of fat.

If you find yourself over snacking then you really have to take a step back and ask yourself the dreaded question “DO I NEED THIS” because if you don’t toss it out the window. I should have done that and I won’t make the same mistake again.


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