How hard is it to stay on track?

I’m not going to lie. It has been very difficult to stay on track. Maintaining a healthy balance of food and exercise has proven to be a challenge for me. I remember as a kid eating whatever I wanted without any regard for consequences that could occur to my body. Now every time I eat something I think about what it does to my body and if I really need to eat it. I start to think about all the work I put in so far and to cheat on myself with a donut.

The main reason why I don’t feel that bad eating a donut or a slice of pizza is because I think about how I track my calories and try to maintain a 1,500 calorie diet. To be honest it hasn’t been working out that well this past week. I ate more than 1,500 calories. About or a little over 2,000 each day for the past week has been the story. Sadly that was the story of my life. I was raised to eat whatever I wanted. Now its hard to say “No” or “Can I get that as a lettuce wrap”.

How do you stay on track when you have little motivation to stay on track? I lost 5 pounds last month. I want that to be a re-occurring story. I don’t even feel motivated because I lost 5 pounds. Sometimes I feel indifferent and whatever about it. I’m not sure how exactly I can keep myself on track if I’m not motivated. Maybe from now on I’ll take this transition on as a challenge.

For me this is a transition to eating healthier and maintaining a healthy diet so that in the future I don’t find myself saying “I wish I had done that sooner”.


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