I never want to feel this way again

Last night I decided to go to the movies with my friend. We decided to go watch Cars 3. I went over to her house and ate some mac and cheese she baked. I ate a little and decided I had enough to satisfy me. Later we went to the movies and we shared popcorn, a hot dog, and a drink. I woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach. I felt like I had to throw up. Eventually I did throw up but the food was deep in my intestines where I only threw up liquids. I felt like I had acid stuck in my throat all morning.

In the afternoon I ate my salad, per usual, and felt A LOT better. I think the greens really helped me out. Now I feel like I have acid in my throat again. This made me question whether or not we are meant to eat stuff like popcorn and hot dogs. Over processed food moved so far away from its natural state that you can get sick from it.

Did I get sick from eating these foods? — Yes. 

I don’t think I should be eating food that is over processed. Sticking to salads is a healthy alternative to eating that stuff. I felt bloated in the morning too. My body probably gained water weight from all the carbs I ate. I don’t know why it’s harder for me to resist food but it has definitely reached a point where I became sick of them, literally. I’m going to restrict unhealthy carb consumption for good.


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