Healthy eating on the low

I think this should be like the question of the century. “How can I eat healthy while basically being broke?” I think that to eating healthy and affordable is something I struggle with everyday. I am no where near my home 4 days out of the week and have to buy lunch and sometimes dinner while out on the road. I developed a habit of eating out. I realized that eating on the low is a skill you have to develop. Let me tell you what I do.

  1. I eat Cheerios or eggs every morning.

I don’t think I’m very picky when it comes to choosing what I want to eat for breakfast. I don’t crave a continental breakfast with orange juice so I just feed myself something that will hold me over, but I don’t mind eating on a regular basis. Sometimes I make 2 eggs, 1 slice of toast and chop up half of an avocado. These items are bought from the market so you get more when you shop directly than you would if you went out to buy a breakfast consisting of those ingredients. You would pay like $7 for 1 breakfast when thats what you would pay for the supplies to make it. Try not to eat out if you can make it at home.

2. If I don’t have lunch I go to a grocery store and buy one

If you were to ask me where I would want to eat lunch I would say Vons or Food4Less. Why? Because they have ready made salads for $3.99. What I normally do for lunch is I buy a salad from the grocery store rather than go to a restaurant and buy a $10 salad. I also bring a healthy snack with me, papaya and plums. By the time lunch comes around I have a great little salad ready to fill me up. What I like about the ready made salads is that they have different toppings, are low in calories, and are cheap. These salads vary from southwest style to kale and chicken! Of course you need to buy it packaged because if you go to Whole Foods you’ll find yourself paying restaurant prices for a small salad.

3. Develop a habit of not finishing your food. Pay for one meal and eat twice!

I was told to finish whatever was on my plate regardless if I had space to fit it in my stomach. Because of that I over ate and gained a lot of weight as an child. Now if I find myself eating out for lunch I eat until I feel satisfied, not full. When you eat until your body is satisfied and you know it won’t ask you for more food later then you can stop, ask for a box and take it home. Eat it for dinner. Portions have gotten so out of control and now the portions you get at a restaurant are usually bigger that your actual stomach. Not your belly, your stomach the organ! So eat until you are satisfied. Right now I’m eating to stay alive, not to enjoy it. I mean I do enjoy my salads, but if I eat to stay alive I’ll find myself eating about 1,500 calories a day and thats enough to help me lose weight. I eat lots of veggies, fruit, and protein. I stopped over dressing my salads and drinking more water.

Money is key to losing weight. If you can afford to eat healthy then you’d eat healthier options. Why do you think a lot of celebrities are able to stay fit? Because they can afford to. But if you think about eating to stay alive and to energize your body rather than to enjoy it then you’re more likely to save money. Just my thoughts!


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