3 weeks in

It’s been three weeks since I first started to change my eating habits. As I have mentioned before I grew up with unhealthy eating habits. I always ate everything on my plate even if I was full. I was constantly overeating. The mentality came from my mother. I can understand her mentality because growing up in Guatemala food was scarce and so she ate everything on her plate whenever the opportunity presented itself. In turn I developed that habit. 3 weeks ago I decided to stop eating carbs for 1 weeks. 1 week turned into 2 and soon after I started to re-integrate carbs back into my diet. I missed them to be honest.

Since then I have been eating more fruits, veggies, and healthy fats like avocado. I have been exercising everyday, but not to an extreme. I can honestly say I feel lighter. I think I lost water weight and I can tell that my stomach looks flatter. Obviously I want to be in a shape where my fat is even with my curves, but in due time. I have been drinking lots of water and by default cutting off any excess sugar from any drinks I used to love.

I made small changes in my life that I have no problem with right now. Of course the temptation is always there but I always tell myself “No, I have to stick to my goal”. One way of motivating and holding myself accountable is by creating this blog and creating a network of support. I have people in my life right now motivating me to stay true to my goals and are very happy for me on this journey. It’s only been 3 weeks but I think I can manage this. Its becoming easier and easier. Right now I’m a closed bud waiting to bloom into a flower and its only a matter of time!


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