The Transition 

I didn’t understand what I needed to do to get motivated to do something to try and get my weight under control. My mom always tried to cut corners and lose weight through diet pills and meal supplement shakes. She went as far as to drink diet teas, detox shakes, and only eating salad. The ending however was always the same. She never lost weight.

It came to a point where her unhealthy habits stuck to me and I grew up to eat just like her. I however understood that eating a healthy diet and exercising was key to a healthy weight loss.

But there are days where we cave in. But that’s when we have to learn.

I slipped today. I went for a 2 mile hike and went to soup plantation for brunch afterwards. I had a great brunch. I think I ate very well (I did have 1 focaccia, a small baked potato, and like 5 spoons of ice cream). For dinner we came to a place called El Ranchito. Amazing Mexican food and a great atmosphere. As per any Mexican restaurant there is that matter of the free starter chips and salsa.

I caved in.

They looked so good that it was difficult for me. The sad part was that I convinced myself that it was okay because I was good the whole week. I ate healthy foods and restricted my carbohydrate intake. What I did to counter balance eating the chips was that with my plate I ordered lettuce leaves instead of hand made tortillas ✊🏽. A small substitution in the right direction.

I think about that moment though. For many people it’s difficult to stick to a diet because they think if it as that, a diet. A form of restricting yourself of certain foods for a limited time. My friend recently told me to think of it as a transition. By thinking of my journey as a transition I’m more likely to stick to my healthy eating habits and putting unhealthy habits to the side. From now on I will think of my journey as so and work on my self as I transition to a new point in my life.

(Shout out to Yvonne Griffin)


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