Take your time

One of the biggest misconceptions I had was that all you had to do was jump straight into a diet and a work out plan and you’ll begin to lose weight. For many this is a true fact that has worked for them and helped them accomplish their goals. I grew up eating fast food and developed an addiction to sugary foods. I’m starting to think about how I can lose weight and manage to keep it off after I’m done restricting certain foods out of my diet. How can I be certain that the habits I developed over years will be gone after I’m done with my diet and reach my weight loss goal?

One step I’m taking to ensure that healthy eating habits are put in to place after all is said and done is creating healthy eating habits now and slowly cutting off my addictions. I’m creating a mentality that will help me question what I eat and if I really need to eat it and how much. If you have a sudden craving for red velvet cake you should ask yourself do I need it? How much do I need? You’re only trying to satisfy a craving. Maybe a really thick slice isn’t the best option if you’re craving something really high in unhealthy fats and sugars. Why not just have a super thin slice after you eat a side salad? If you really need to satisfy the craving remember not to let your craving overpower your will to choose how much of it you need.

At times you will be tempted because everyone around you will be eating foods that you know taste amazing. But it’s what you do in those times that determine just how willful you are. If you have to order a burger because you find yourself at a burger joint order it lettuce wrap, no cheese and no dressing. Find different alternatives on the menu that can help you eat with everyone else but not like everyone else.


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